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🚀 Why We Exist

In recent years, the development of large language models has signaled a transformative moment for machine learning and AI. Knowing how to use AI is a big plus for your career. AI is everywhere, and companies need people who understand it. With AI skills, you can get good jobs, solve problems, and help make new and exciting things. It's more than coding - it's about being ready for a future filled with smart technology.

🛠️ What We Offer

We provide a unique set of tests designed to reinforce your understanding. Our tutorials offer the best mix of theory and practice. For example, we have exercises on tensor manipulations that replicate real-world tasks like image transformations in neural networks.

🎯 The Focus

Our focus is hands-on, practical learning aimed at real-world applications. We ensure our exercises are up-to-date, incorporating the best modern techniques like transformers and batch normalization, which are widely used in the industry.

🛠 Exercise Categories

Boost your ML skills with our curated exercises:

  • Basic tensor operators: Learn key operations like Tensor addition, flattening, and computing variance manually.
  • LLM essential: From implementing Softmax function to attention mechanisms, these exercises teach you basic blocks of LLMs.
  • Classical ML Problems: Strengthen your foundation in k-NN Classification, K-means Clustering and other essential machine learning methods.

🌈 Future Plans

  • Advanced Modules on Speech, Reinforcement Learning, and NLP
  • Community Contributions
  • Interactive Learning

📚 Preparing for Machine Learning Interviews

If you're aspiring for a role in machine learning, our exercises can help you prepare for technical interviews. We closely monitor common questions in ML coding interviews and regularly update our content to include popular exercises, such as implementing attention mechanisms, to ensure you're well-prepared and confident in showcasing your skills.

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